Rixos Enters the Short Term Rental Apartment Business in Istanbul

January 18th, 2013

Rixos group that built a stellar reputation over the past decade as pioneer hoteliers of Turkey has now set their eyes on the short term furnished apartment rental business both in Istanbul, Turkey and in Tblisi. Georgia.

Rixos Bomonty Residences started accepting guests earlier last year and the group is expanding faster than ever. Short term furnished apartment rental business in Istanbul keeps attracting a lot of attention from global property managers and investors  with the increasing demand and short supply of decent apartments in stock. The prices are competitive if not expensive but the never ending demand of apartments by guests makes these investments sustainable and feasible.

Rixos is also on a roll to increase their presence in Istanbul with adding 2 more hotels to their portfolio other than their apartment rental operations.  The group recently opened the luxurious Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim Hotel and Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel increasing the number of accommodation options in Istanbul to 3 including Rixos Residences Bomonty Hotel.

If you are looking for a hotel of short term residences for rent in Istanbul, Rixos frequently offers attractive and personalized packages and promotions. Check out their site for rates and reservations.

Property Lead Affiliate Program

May 20th, 2010

Do you have a network of sites or a high traffic website in the real estate niche? You probably have tried to monetize your sites using adwords or by displaying ads from other networks. CPC payouts have fallen sharply over the past 2 years but Real Estate is still one of the best niches to operate in along with others like finance, pharma, etc..Not satisfied with the income? Or do you want to mix and tr alternative monetization methods?

An alternative method of monetizing your website can be through using an affiliate account. TheMoveChannel is one provider that has established its own affiliate network. TheMoveChannel calls its affiliate scheme a method to allow website owners to make money by referring customers interested in buying property to our global network of partners who are selling property.

It is pretty easy to open an account with TheMoveChannel aafter showing them the sites you intend to use and they will provide you with an affiliate ID and samples codes for different sizes of submission forms. It is again very easy to modify the forms to match with the design of your site and they come in different variations as well. There is even a lightbox style form for webmasters who do not want to allocate too much space for ads on the pages.

TheMoveChannel is also open to accepting almost all kinds of websites that can generate high-quality leads for their clients.

  • Real estate blogs: able to influence, build trust and refer website visitors to suppliers
  • Property education: any site informing visitors about property investment
  • Local information: any sort of guide or site covering a country, region or specific town
  • Estate agents: particularly local, regional or national agents that don’t cover overseas property
  • Holiday rentals: those with clients who travel services and overseas rentals, but not sales
  • Portals: ISPs and web portals with a high volume of visitors and a section covering property
  • Web Directories: property-specific or general websites with real estate categories
  • Communities: expat websites, global networking or any site with an international outlook
  • Professional affiliates: specialist experts in SEO, email marketing, PPC or web monetization

The affiliate is geting paid 30% of the total income and this can be increased to 50% by adding a link to Move Channel on the page where the submission form is published. The leads are sold to the agents that bid the highest and if a buyer is not present at the moment the form is submitted, the Move Channel agents ask potential brokers operating in the area if they are interested.

The user interface looks simple but good enough to track your progress. One alternative is also to get XML ffed for property listings from Move Channel and publish these to find potential buyers but these need to be frequently updated.

I started implementing the submission forms on 2 of our websites to see if the payouts are good enough and if it worth promoting the pages to find potential buyers. I will also probably try the XML feed to see how it works and  I will post an update about the progress soon.

 Contact theMoveChannel directly for more information.


Apartment Rental websites, Marketing and Branding

March 16th, 2010

Furnished apartment rental websites have been around the internet for a long time. Internet provides and excellent marketing medium for these kind of offerings. These types of websites usually generate their traffic by ranking on the search engines for relevant searches.

The visitors mostly travel to one place just for a single time and almost none of them are aware of a brand that exists in that particular location and provides apartments for rent. Providing up-to-date and easy to navigate information is much more important than building a brand name. Everyone in the world is likely to be a potential guest and it is not possible to promote the brand name to all these people. Instead building a site that is trusted by the search engines and ranks high for many internal pages is more critical in obtaining as much traffic as possible.

Many new marketing techniques such as dynamic branding is studied for many different industries. However, search engine optimization still is the most important of all efforts for owners of rental listing sites.

During our efforts to build successful listing sites, we have developed significant skills in marketing and branding of websites.  Our team will be sharing some of their marketing techniques in Brands Worldwide website that we recently registered. The site is still in beta but we will be adding more information in the upcoming weeks.

Our goal is to provide listing services related information on this site and share marketing and branding related information on Brands Worldwide.

Top 20 Real Estate Websites

March 29th, 2009

According to a list announced by Hitwise about the top 20 real estate websites in the US market, realtor.com is still the leader in terms of traffic. feb 09 top 20 real estate

Realtor.com is followed by Yahoo!’s real estate portal and zillow.com. Apartments.com has dropped by 5 places to #16 from its previous place at #11. Coldwell Banker also cracked into the top 20 sites joining other real estate brokerage chains like Remax that is at #5, Century 21 at #14.

Feel free to have a look at the list youself and see the full list of other top 20 online websites that are able to attract the maximun number of real estate related traffic.

Turkey Rental Apartments

February 19th, 2009

We are happy to announce that we are now testing the apartments.com.tr website and it will be published in beta version in less than a week from now. Apartments.com.tr website is specifically designed with our new content management system and it will specifically be targeting visitors seeking apartments in Turkey. The site will be covering both the major cities in Turkey and also the coastal towns. We will be testing the website over the first 2 weeks with volunteer landlords who agreed to send their feedback on usability and design in exchange for a few months of membership. 


While Turkey Rental Apartments will be the first website where we implement this new content management system,  we will be using the same cms and similar search options for some of the other global sites. Feel free to check out the website and drop a few lines to say what you think. All comments are welcome.

Serviced Apartment Living in Istanbul

February 19th, 2009

Foreigners or expats looking for furnished apartments for rent in any of the countries listed above are more than welcome to contact us further information on how to secure apartments in any of the countries if they can’t access enough information on any of the sites. We are willing to provide our services to anyone that is planning to properties in Turkey, Latvia, Portugal or China. We provide many listings in each country for furnished apartments for rent and serviced apartments that can be rented for extended periods of time. Serviced apartments were not as popular in some of these countries as it is in the western countries. However, influx of large numbers of expats to these countries in the past decade has created a strong demand for furnished rental apartments in these countries. For example, in the recent years, the demand for serviced apartments Istanbul has increased substantially.  Countries like China and other eastern European countries have also seen increased demands in serviced apartment living.

Also, these countries with beautiful coasts have always had strong demand for holiday rentals. Coastal towns like Marmaris in Turkey have always been popular among travelers due to beautiful beaches, proximity to historic places and its endless entertainment options. Companies like Turkey Marmaris Apartment and Villa Marmaris provide travelers with different options ranging from cheap apartments to luxury villas. Our goal at our sites is to bring together a vast number of listings that can help each visitor to find the right property for their needs.