Serviced Apartment Living in Istanbul

Foreigners or expats looking for furnished apartments for rent in any of the countries listed above are more than welcome to contact us further information on how to secure apartments in any of the countries if they can’t access enough information on any of the sites. We are willing to provide our services to anyone that is planning to properties in Turkey, Latvia, Portugal or China. We provide many listings in each country for furnished apartments for rent and serviced apartments that can be rented for extended periods of time. Serviced apartments were not as popular in some of these countries as it is in the western countries. However, influx of large numbers of expats to these countries in the past decade has created a strong demand for furnished rental apartments in these countries. For example, in the recent years, the demand for serviced apartments Istanbul has increased substantially.  Countries like China and other eastern European countries have also seen increased demands in serviced apartment living.

Also, these countries with beautiful coasts have always had strong demand for holiday rentals. Coastal towns like Marmaris in Turkey have always been popular among travelers due to beautiful beaches, proximity to historic places and its endless entertainment options. Companies like Turkey Marmaris Apartment and Villa Marmaris provide travelers with different options ranging from cheap apartments to luxury villas. Our goal at our sites is to bring together a vast number of listings that can help each visitor to find the right property for their needs.

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