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Property Lead Affiliate Program

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Do you have a network of sites or a high traffic website in the real estate niche? You probably have tried to monetize your sites using adwords or by displaying ads from other networks. CPC payouts have fallen sharply over the past 2 years but Real Estate is still one of the best niches to operate in along with others like finance, pharma, etc..Not satisfied with the income? Or do you want to mix and tr alternative monetization methods?

An alternative method of monetizing your website can be through using an affiliate account. TheMoveChannel is one provider that has established its own affiliate network. TheMoveChannel calls its affiliate scheme a method to allow website owners to make money by referring customers interested in buying property to our global network of partners who are selling property.

It is pretty easy to open an account with TheMoveChannel aafter showing them the sites you intend to use and they will provide you with an affiliate ID and samples codes for different sizes of submission forms. It is again very easy to modify the forms to match with the design of your site and they come in different variations as well. There is even a lightbox style form for webmasters who do not want to allocate too much space for ads on the pages.

TheMoveChannel is also open to accepting almost all kinds of websites that can generate high-quality leads for their clients.

  • Real estate blogs: able to influence, build trust and refer website visitors to suppliers
  • Property education: any site informing visitors about property investment
  • Local information: any sort of guide or site covering a country, region or specific town
  • Estate agents: particularly local, regional or national agents that don’t cover overseas property
  • Holiday rentals: those with clients who travel services and overseas rentals, but not sales
  • Portals: ISPs and web portals with a high volume of visitors and a section covering property
  • Web Directories: property-specific or general websites with real estate categories
  • Communities: expat websites, global networking or any site with an international outlook
  • Professional affiliates: specialist experts in SEO, email marketing, PPC or web monetization

The affiliate is geting paid 30% of the total income and this can be increased to 50% by adding a link to Move Channel on the page where the submission form is published. The leads are sold to the agents that bid the highest and if a buyer is not present at the moment the form is submitted, the Move Channel agents ask potential brokers operating in the area if they are interested.

The user interface looks simple but good enough to track your progress. One alternative is also to get XML ffed for property listings from Move Channel and publish these to find potential buyers but these need to be frequently updated.

I started implementing the submission forms on 2 of our websites to see if the payouts are good enough and if it worth promoting the pages to find potential buyers. I will also probably try the XML feed to see how it works and  I will post an update about the progress soon.

 Contact theMoveChannel directly for more information.